Basic Makeup Routine to Unleash a Beautiful You Every day!

Basic Makeup Routine to Unleash a Beautiful You Every day!

Applying simple regular makeup for a natural everyday look doesn’t need many skills. As we always say, makeup not only amplifies our features but also boosts our confidence to start our day. Even if you’re a beginner, you can try it out and create different amazing looks on daily routines. Here are some tips and tricks on makeup which can make you a pro!

Let’s get started!

Start with CTM routine:

The foremost step in your skincare and makeup routine is to clean your skin gently with a cleanser matching your skin type. If you have a dry skin, go with cream-based cleanser and for oily skin, you can pick gel-based cleanser.

After cleansing up your face, apply toner. It’s an effective adjunct to your skincare routine. Next, is to use moisturizer which helps keeping your skin healthy, hydrated and supple.

Sun Shield:

Yes, you need protect your skin against scorching sun and UVA rays to combat hyperpigmentation and early aging. We strongly recommend it even if it’s not a sunny day!

Primer Your Face:

Start with an application of a primer as pre-make-up routine. It sets the foundation of your makeup by making your skin look smooth and luscious. For a long lasting makeup, it is a must!

Coat of Foundation:

Choosing the right shade of foundation is very much essential to achieve the desired look. You can match the shade with your chest to get the perfect one. Put some foundation on your hand, apply it with a brush (use duo fiber brush for more effective spread), and blend it evenly across the face.


It makes your face look brighter and radiant. It adds the extra edge to your regular makeup routine. Use a blending sponge (for liquid) or an angled brush (for powdered one) to apply the highlighter on your cheekbones, inner corner of the eyes and the tip of nose.

Conceal & Cover:

It is used to make the color corrections and cover the spots, dark circles, pore and blemishes. Use one tone lighter than your skin tone for the perfect concealer look.

Define your Eyes:

Fill in the eyebrows to give your eyes an instant lift. Then line your eyes with high-quality eyeliners (on the upper lid) and if you love add kajal or kohl to (the lower lid). Keep it simple for regular routine or you can use subtle eyeshadow to give your eyes a natural look.


With a stroke of little (natural colored) blush, you can flaunt a flawless and fresh-looking face.

Lip Color:

Pick any lip color to complement your entire look. There is a myriad of choices for you to experiment!

That’s all! You’re ready to rock!

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