Do you know the beauty secrets of Malai?


Do you know the beauty secrets of Malai?

Today, I am glad to share one of my beauty secrets with you. Many of you complimented me on my flawless and glowing skin. And the reason probably lies in my home-made or natural therapies I carry out to treat and upkeep my skin care routine.
While most of you like the concept of yummy cream floating on the top of milk, some are irked even at the thought of a spoon of malai getting into their mouth. Love it or hate it, you will be amazed to know the amazing benefits of malai or milk cream on your skin.

Super Moisturizer:
The thick cream layer sitting atop of milk surface is full of fat; hence it acts as a best natural moisturizer for the skin. You can just massage it for few minutes, once it gets deep into the skin; wipe it off with a clean damp cloth. It repairs the damaged tissues beneath the skin surface.

Glowing Skin:
Malai is not only a great moisturizer but serves as an instant booster for skin glow. Add few drops of honey into the malai and apply it across the face. Honey is rich in minerals and heals your skin issues effectively. Your skin will glow up in no time.

Skin Lightener:
Malai is reckoned as the greatest skin lightener. The presence of lactic acid in it helps to de-tan your skin and lightens it up naturally. It engenders shine to the overall appearance of the face.

Removal of Dark Spots:
Do you suffer from those ugly dark spots and want to get rid of it naturally? Apply a scoop of malai over the affected area and leave it for few minutes. For optimum results, you can just add a few drops of lemon into it. Once it gets dried up, rinse your face in the normal water. The protein content present in the malai will wash off the dead skin cells that cause the dark spots.

Combat aging:
Have you ever thought how your great-grandmother managed to look so youthful even at such an old age? Well, the secret lies in malai again. In the old era, it is used as a face pack or scrub on a regular basis. The vitamins present in malai initiate the development of collagen, which combats the aging process.

So, here is my beauty secret – the power-pack malai. What’s yours?

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