Few Most-Favoured Indian Hairstyles You Must Try This Season!

Few Most-Favoured Indian Hairstyles You Must Try This Season!

Indian women are reckoned as some of the most elegant women in the world. From their fashion, poise, and grace, everything exudes a sense of royalty. And the way they do their hair is no less than a wonder! You will be amazed to see how different yet exquisite ways they follow to do their long and dark tresses.

Here is the compilation of the best Indian hairstyles that complement Indian look perfectly:

French Braid:

The common yet so elegant French braid is loved by every fashionista. Recently, international icon Sonam Kapoor has done the same braid with a golden zari thread escalating its appeal to a whole new level! It’s simple and beguiling.

Messy Bold Curls:

Gone are the days when women loved doing that poker straight hair, messy curls are a new glory. Yes, try your hands to create diffused curls. It will not only punch a volume to your hair but will change your look altogether!

Round Bun and Flowers:

Bun and Flowers remind us of (Bollywood star) Anushka Sharma’s bridal look. Ah…those soft colored roses!! This look fit for a traditional Indian wedding. Adding flowers or gajraas a hair accessory intensifies the beauty of the hair to an amazing extent.

Twist and Bun:

This hairstyle goes well for both the formal and informal events. You can attend an office meeting or can skip your way to a friend’s wedding as well. It is quite an easy-to-do affair and enriches your look with charm and confidence.

Beachy Waves:

This is my personal favourite. Easy breezy beach waves engender you subtle and most comfortable look. You can carry it to any occasion without a thought. It conveys your free spirit and carefree attitude!

Pinned Back Ropes:

Twist your hair strands to look like a rope from both the sides, pinned them at the back, and there you go with a really cute style! It is best for a date with a person you’ve had a crush since long!

Chotli Plait:

Here comes another easy and endearing hairstyle for long tresses in Indian style. Elegant chotlis are a mainstream traditional South Indian hair accessory. You can get an array of choices in chotlis suiting every kind of occasion and celebration.

Sleek Ponytail:

This dauntless look is a perfect blend of sleek/finished poker straight hair and messy sprayed hair. Several Bollywood celebs were seen sporting this fierce look, and so you can!

So, don’t wait and try some different look for a refreshing new you!

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