Follow these Tips and Master the Precision of Smoky Eye Makeup


Follow these Tips and Master the Precision of Smoky Eye Makeup

The Smokey eye makeup look is still trending the charts and it is a vision when done in a correct manner. Yes, the precision is a must otherwise it can bland the entire face look. The kohl Smokey eyes are both dramatic and captivating.

In a view to saving the time and eye makeup disaster, here is a simple guide to achieving the flawless smokey eye.


Prepare your eyelid area while using a primer designed specifically for the same. It is essential to make your makeup lasts for longer and look fresh throughout the day. Apply it all across the lid and let it dry.


Line your eyes with colored eyeliner. If you’re eyeing particularly on a dark and striking look, use black eyeliner. Apply it on the top lash line. You can also go for a bright jewel-toned liner such as gothic green or purple.

Eye Pencil:

Fill the bottom lash line with an eyeliner pencil. Don’t forget to smudge it using your finger or a brush. Yes, you can apply an eyeshadow instead of a pencil.

Light eyeshadow:

Pick a light colored glittery eyeshadow and spread it all over your eyelid.

Dark eyeshadow:

Take a darker color eyeshadow, apply it with a brush. Start from the outer corner of your eyelid and blend it inwards. Don’t take the shadow higher beyond the crease of your eyes. Apply above the lashes and blend upwards. The note here is to blend the eyeshadows together in a precision.


You can add a couple of mascara coating on the eyes for more impact. It makes your lashes look thick and dark, complementing the overall sight of smokey eyes.

Additional Tip: In such a case, always go for a nude lipper. As when you do strong makeup like smokey eyes, you must place the focus on either your eyes or lips, not on both!

Now, step aside from a mirror and admire your extremely beautiful smokey eyes! With a regular practice, you will able to do it no time and can leave your domicile delightfully with oh-so-sexy yet sophisticated smokey eyes. Bang on!!!

In short, you can nail the art of makeup if you learn just the basics. Also note, choosing the right product, right brush and the right way of applying the makeup, makes a huge difference on the overall look.

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