How Can I Last My Makeup All Day Long?

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How Can I Last My Makeup All Day Long?

Spending hours doing makeup is quite a struggle and if it doesn’t last for a few hours, the exertion goes in vain.

So, today we’re sharing some pointers on how to keep your makeup last longer and smudge-free.

  • Care Your Skin:

A proficient painter selects a smooth and clean canvas to make the painting. Likewise, before the application of makeup, it is vital to keep your skin clean, hydrated and moisturized. If your skin is not healthy, your makeup won’t look good and will not stay for long. Drink lots of water for subtle skin. Plus, choose your makeup products as per your skin concerns. Don’t forget to follow the CTM (cleansing, toning, moisturizing)regime which is essential for the great skin.

  • Base Coat:

Primer or base coat is the foremost in your makeup. Apply it across the face and eyes. It combats the makeup creasing. It is the durable way to keep your makeup last longer. A range of primers is available in the market, select as per your choice whether matte or shiny.

  • Foundation-Then-Concealer:

Many women usually apply concealer first then foundation. But actually, it’s a wrong approach. Since both of it are applied in different modes. Foundation is always blended on the entire face and concealer is dabbed. When a foundation is applied first followed by concealer, it gives even makeup application.

  • Eject excess oil:

Oily skin always gives the appearance of greasy skin. No makeup looks goodwhen your skin is oily and it results in smudging. Use face powder or blotting paper to extract extra oil from the skin.

  • Don’t touch:

When we use our hands every time on our face, it adds oil and dirt. Avoid touching your face to cut down on the accumulation of oil on your face and keep your makeup in place.  You can use a setting spray if you’ve an urge to touch your face often.

  • Right Tools:

The right makeup tools are equally important as the quality makeup products for a durable makeup. The good quality brushes and sponges are important for a smooth coverage and blended makeup.

  • Loose Powder:

Puffing loose powder is always a preferable option when you want to feel soft skin. A small quantity of loose powder goes a long way and reduces extra oil of the skin.

So, follow these tips and have long-lasting makeup!

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