How Important Is To Clean Your Makeup Brushes and Tools?

How Important Is To Clean Your Makeup Brushes and Tools?

Makeup brushes and blenders need an equal care as much as you need to take a (daily) bathe. These tools can be a breeding place for bacteria, specifically when these are not cleaned regularly or maintained properly. And do you really know when you share it with your friend or so, it transmits the bacteria from one to another?

So, it becomes really important to clean your makeup tools with due care and concern. Here is the step-guide to make your tools healthy and non-toxic.


Though it seems to be easy, one needs to be really careful while rinsing your tools. You should be very careful and avoid water from running directly towards the base of the brush as it may lead to falling out of the bristles and shortens the lifespan of the brush. And the blender must be rinsed using the hot water and get it soaked fully.


For cleansing the tools, you can use brushes, a mild shampoo, soap or facial cleanser. It helps you to cut down the makeup or any sort of dirt which spread over the bristles with time. You can even apply coconut oil into the bristles to get all the stubborn products out of the brushes. Wash them thoroughly until the water runs clear.

Prevent Disinfectants:

Rinsing and cleansing will help to clean the brushes or blenders from the dirt but isn’t adequate to kill the germs and bacteria. For it, you need to make a solution comprising two part of water and one part of vinegar. Place the tools in the solution for a while and rinse them properly with water.


The final step is to make them dry. You can use a dry towel or a dryer. Leave them overnight so the bristles get into the desired shapes. The blenders must be air dry before putting them to use.

This is the cleaning regime you should follow to make your brushes and tools clean and protected from disinfectants. Always remember for a clean and healthy makeup, use uninfected tools.

Till then happy and safe makeup-ing!!!

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