How to make your nose look perfect with Makeup?

How to make your nose look perfect with Makeup?

If you’re amongst those who wish to make their nose look thinner, here are the simple makeup tricks to help you. Before that, you must be aware of contouring and blending. Also, you must understand the tactics of drawing attention away from your nose while creating an impeccable illusion of a thinner or smaller nose with the perfect makeup on the rest of the face. With a little time and practice, you’ll be in love with your new nose at once!

Start by applying the foundation all across the nose. You can use any regular foundation. The contouring would be done after the coat of foundation. It will enhance your makeup look that comes to be more natural once everything blends together.

Next, put a highlighter concealer on the bridge of your nose as a thin line. Stop just before the end of the nose. For smooth application, use your fingers or angled brush.

Grab your dark contouring pencil or a thin brush to draw lines on the sides of your nose. Start from the inner corner of the eyes and take it straight down to the end of the nose. As close as you’ll draw the lines, the thinner look of the nose you’ll get!

**Add darker shade if you have wide nostrils to make them look narrow!

Next comes the blending game, once you’re done with an application of foundation, highlighter, and dark contour, it’s the moment to make the magic happen! The art of contouring is based on an illusion effect, making your makeup look smooth, luscious and seamless. You can use a blender or makeup brush to blend it gently. Move it in circular or outward motions, to merge it in a perfect contour!

One more technique is there what proves that drawing attention away from the nose creates an illusionary effect and appearing nose smaller and thinner. Yes, contouring the rest of the face as pronounced cheekbones and sharp face look withdraws attention from your nose. You can use the same products to highlight and contour your cheeks. Add blush and bronzer onto your cheekbones making it more attractive. Add some kohl in your eyes and gloss on lips, and here you’re done!

All in all, following a regular makeup routine, help you in gaining the knowledge, practice and master the art to have a flawless beauty!

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