How to Master the Cat Eye Makeup?


How to Master the Cat Eye Makeup?

The cat eye makeup is surely a thing that excites me! The slender shape and precise outline define those feline eyes. The look has been quite a rage in the beauty world for a long time now. The cat eyes have been flaunted by every fashion lover and celebrities who are roaring high in their fashion game. The look is here to stay and a must-try!

Before we start up the step-by-step guide for that perfect cat eye makeup, these are the articles you will need.

  • Primer
  • Eyeliner

Pay heed to the following things you must consider before initiating the look.

  • Prepping Up Your Eye:

The foremost step is to prepare your eye with a good base for the cat eye. Cleanse it thoroughly followed by a toner and a moisturizer. Use eye-serum or eye-cream to hide those dark circles or redness around the eyes.

Apply a primer to set your makeup.


  • Good quality eyeliner:

Now the base is done, get your eyeliner. You can have a liquid liner or a gel-based liner as per your preference and ease. Using an angled-brush is recommended for keeping its convenience in view.


Now with no further ado, let’s get started to make the magic happen!

Step 1 – Line the upper lash in slow strokes, don’t do in rush. With small and slow strokes you can manage the thickness.

Step 2 – This is crucial as now you have to get the right angle. Follow the natural shape of your eyes as a guide to where your flick would move. Keep your lower lash line in your mind while extending the flick angle.

Step 3 – Once you figure out the angle, use dotted motions to create the flick precisely. When you’re satisfied, join the dots and fill it in to connect the line.

Step 4 – Keep a cotton swab or concealer handy to correct if the shape goes a little lopsided.

Once you master the stroke, you can play with your cat eyes for thickness, length, and shape. Apart from it different styles are there to shine up your cat eye look comprising the smokey cat eye, eyeshadows, semi-smokey and glitter cat eye.

So, if you’re excited to try and test them all out, follow the steps and amplify your eyes with colors!

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