Monsoon to Get Glowing!


Monsoon to Get Glowing!

The droplet of rain kicks off everyone’s vain. The most-adored season is here! Apart from a sumptuous combo of Chai (tea) and Pakora (fries),themonsoon brings many things to crave for. It certainly soothes our soul and makes us feel relaxed (from such scorching heat atleast).

But monsoon also develops the skin problems which we should keep an eye on. It is very vital to take care of skin as per the weather changes. Today, we will discuss several tips and suggestions you can follow for a healthy glowing skin during the rainy days.

  • Cleansing your skin for at least three times a day regularly help you to get rid of excess oil from the face, keeping it glowing and healthy.
  • Then use a non-alcoholic toner. It is the best choice for the skin as it combats oiliness. Toner tightens the skin and balances the PH scale making it shiny and subtle.
  • Monsoon boots out a lot of moisture from the skin. And it makes your face look dull and dreary. In view to protecting it from a chapped skin, try good moisturizers to beat the dryness.
  • Maybe it is cloudy outside, but it doesn’t mean there’re no harmful UV rays. Keep your sunscreen handy. Be sure to use a good quality sunscreen lotion to keep your skin safe from the damaging rays.


** If you’ve (naturally) oily skin, it is best suggested to use water-based moisturizers. It will not let your skin produce more oil. 


  • Use gentle exfoliation to keep your skin protected from deal cells.
  • Shampoo-Wash and condition your hair every day. During monsoon seasons, due to intense humidity, we tend to sweat a lot and become more prone to germs and bacteria. So it’s essential to get head bathe each day.
  • It is the time to stay hydrated after that excessive sweating (that eventually contracts moisture from the skin). So drink (minimum) eight glasses of water on a daily basis. It is an imperative condition for a healthy skin.
  • This is the season when you should be away from wearing the artificial jewelry. As it can lead to irritation or itching, this is never advised for your skin.
  • Go for home-made masks for a face using the natural ingredients. A honey, lemon and curd mask do wonders to your skin during this season.


Here we’re done with essential and simple tricks to avoid skin damage during monsoons. Follow the regime and enjoy the droplets of bliss!!

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