Not All Healthy Habits Are Congenial On Your Skin


Not All Healthy Habits Are Congenial On Your Skin

It’s just when you wanted to do the right thing with your beauty regime. Yes, check out your healthy habits that can backlash on your skin.

Here is the list of few common habits that can ill-effect your skin.

Change in Dietary Habits:
You’ve become health conscious and started having more protein shakes, stocked up your kitchen with umpteen energy bars and taken up juice cleanse. A dramatic change on your eating platter can negatively impact your skin as you’re not proper nutrition. High protein bars can cause you acne because of the upturn in the sugar and carbs in the diet. It led to inflammation and eventually pimples.

Frequent Facials:
Weekly facials are okay for an anti-aging plan, but going regularly with your skin-care routine can be really tough on your skin specifically when you go for excessive exfoliation. Facials are not inherently bad for your skin, but getting it many in a short span of time causes breakouts and irritation.

Mobile On Ears:
It’s good you made an accord to call your family and friends rather than texting, but that face time with your mobile phones is transferring lots of muck to your cheeks which will eventually lead to causing breakouts or allergies. Since your phone touches different surfaces on a regular basis, it becomes the breeding grounds for bacteria. And placing the mobile against your face transfers those microbes and causes pores to clog down completely.

Excessive Use of Sanitizers:
You’ve got to know about the worst flu season in near time, so you thought to pile up on sanitizers to safeguard yourself. Okay, it’s good to prevent yourself. But do you really now that alcohol present in the hand sanitizers removes the skin’s barrier of essential lipids, proteins, and good bacteria. It can expose your skin to irritation, dryness and sometimes infection.

You’ve Became a Gym Rat:
You’re signed up on the latest fitness studio and started going six days a week. Hopping in the shower to rinse off the sweat and soon noticing the acne and clogged pores starting appearing across the chest and back. It is due to the blend of tight clothing and sweat that causes pimples, acne, and clog pores.

So, if you are thinking to initiate any of it, think again! Also, you can resort to better alternatives for a better and healthy living.

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