Some Fascinating Facts about Lipstick


Some Fascinating Facts about Lipstick

A touch of lipstick can fix anything. It is the USP of your vanity kit and everyone’s favorite whether you’re a makeup enthusiast or not. It is available in several shades, pigments, and textures, to the hilt that you’re completely spoilt for choice.
Evolving over the years and turning into an iconic staple that beautifies your look, here are some fascinating facts about lipstick that you should definitely know!

  • Lipsticks weren’t really smudge-proof as the time of its existence. In fact, it was the renowned dermatologist Hazel Bishop who invented the kiss-proof lipstick formula after World War II.
  • In the older black and white movies, you must have noticed women wearing a shade of black lipstick. Well, it was because in the previous technology-deprived times, the films were sensitive to colors and it would pick as black on the screen.
  • Do you really know that women, who wear regular lipstick, eat approximately two kg of lipstick in their entire lifetime?? So from here, you’ve gained those extra kilos.
  • Moving ahead of the nudes, pinks, reds and even blacks, do you know white lipsticks were also a thing of passé? The advanced culture in the 1960s where it was the princess way and women apply white lippers to add a touch of serenity. It was due to their anti-hippie way to lead the lives.
  • In Tudor England, a law was implemented where a woman wore lipstick during her marriage; her husband has all the rights to revoke the wedding. That’s really shocking!!
  • The most expensive lipstick is worth $62,000 (Rs 4261570 approx.) from Guerlain’s exclusive brand KissKiss Gold and Diamond Lipstick. Weird though? Actually it’s not the lip color but the tube made of diamonds and gold.
  • During World War II, lipstick was the only cosmetic that was put in production since the officials believed that it encouraged morale. And dude, they were right!
  • Queen Elizabeth I was an ardent lipstick lover, she even wore it during her funeral. And even allowed to use it as current. Wish if this could apply today too!
  • To enhance the shine of pigment in the lipsticks, fish scales are still prevalent and used.
  • Early feminists painted their lips with bright lip colors showcasing a symbol of liberation while marching in the rally. Till today, it continues to make a mark in your beauty and personality.
  • Hope you’re delighted to upgrade your knowledge in regard to lipsticks. Next time, you wear it remember how it has evolved and never failed to enchant your elegance since then.

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