Special and Simple Beauty Tips for Teenagers!

Special and Simple Beauty Tips for Teenagers!


Today we’ll discuss some extremely simple and quick beauty tips for our teenage sweethearts. We believe that growing is all about discovering yourself. And teenage is the time of life when you’re on the threshold of adulthood and become conscious about your appearance. You love experimenting with your wardrobe, skin, beauty, makeup, and what not! This article acquaints you how to enhance your skin and let it shine through.


Every beauty regime starts with cleansing. Opt for a mild cleanser to wipe your face at least twice a day. Massage it with gentle strokes, suggestively in circular motions and then rinse it out.


Once cleansing is done, get your hands on toning. Spray it across your face or apply with a cotton ball. It helps you to unclog your facial pores.


Next step is to moisturize your face. It keeps your skin healthy and protects it from dryness.

These three steps are called as CTM routine and must be followed every day to get a flawless skin.


You should scrub your face once in a week. It helps to chuck out those dead skin cells and boosts cell generation. You can even use a home-made scrub using sugar as it is quite a gentle substance for your skin. It helps in preventing blackheads too. Also, use body scrubs to remove dead skin over shoulders, chest and back.

Shave & Shower:

Shave your legs after taking the bath to prevent cuts. And if you got the wax, go for an immediatecold shower.

Finger nails:

Keep your nails clipped and use a nail filer to shape the edges. Also to avoid the appearance of yellow nails, apply a base coat before nail paint. Follow the same regime for your toenails. It demands the equal care and hygiene.

Beauty sleep:

Take at least 7-8 hours of sleep to rejuvenate your body from the stress and exertion it undergoes through the day. It also combats the appearance of acne and dark circles.


  • Moisturizing your lips helps them to fight dryness.
  • Don’t peel the dry skin while licking or peeling.
  • Instead of a lipstick, use lip balm to make it look hydrating and soft.

Hair Care:

  • Hot oil massages are really good for the scalp. Do it once a week.
  • Conditioning your hair after a shampoo is a must as it protects your locks from UV rays, pollution and other damage.
  • Go easy with hair colors. Don’t go for extreme ones, instead use natural!

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