The Buzzing Beauty Trend – NEON EYES!


The Buzzing Beauty Trend – NEON EYES!

Thanks to social media handles, we have new makeup trends emerging up every new day. We don’t need to wait for weeks to know what the next fashion trend is going to be. The makeup artists around the globe are constantly involved in creating or experimenting with new looks and new makeup products. You try one eyeliner today thinking it is to be ‘IT’ thing and the next very day, to your surprise, there is a new trend or color on the block.

The makeup world is onto the real fast pace. And I am always on the search to look out for new and funky makeup trends that are buzzing high on a moment. And today, we will talk about the latest-on-block trend – Neon eyes. The neon pinks, yellows, blues, and greens are making a mark on the beauty circuit. Not only the eyes, lips, and nails are being painted in the neon as well.
Earlier the neon colors in makeup had a bad repo in the fashion industry. But now it’s the new fad enticing the fashion lovers to the hilt. The gorgeous neon eyes render you subtle yet statement look. These neon trends are roaring high and must be tried by every makeup enthusiast.

You can go with an eyeshadow of bright coral matte, use same mascara to look amazingly better. You can even use the same shadow on the apples of your cheeks and give it a fine blend. To finish the look, don’t forget to add a tinted lip gloss.
If you’re an experimental beauty soul, try an out-door holiday look where you can put a lighter colored eyeshadow on the upper lid and a darker shade at the below crease of the eyes.

For a more dramatic look, use two different shades of neon. Use one on the upper eyelid and another on the lower lash line. It creates a beautiful yet bold effect on your overall appearance.

You could even try a smokey eye look with a hint of neon color on the inner corners of your eyes, tear duct for a splendid effect. You can also add a touch of neon color on the outer parts of your eyelids.

Neon shades are great to pop up a specific color in your makeup but don’t go overboard or end up in a clownish appearance. Keep your makeup minimal when playing with neon colors.

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