The Do’s and Don’ts While Applying Makeup


The Do’s and Don’ts While Applying Makeup

Makeup is something that serves you as your best pal or your worst enemy, counting on how you use it. As per the experts, you must pick the right blush for your skin tone, avoid using waterproof mascara on a daily basis and don’t exaggerate with your love for matching everything with your attire. Go smooth and easy when it’s about makeup application.

  • Moisturizing is the key to have an advance makeup look. Wash your face; apply a moisturizer (as per your skin preference) at least 15 minutes prior to pruning the skin.
  • Get on the primer that helps the foundation to spread easily across the face. It also aids the makeup to lasts longer.
  • If your skin is dry, go for any sort of moisturizer but if you’ve oily skin then buy only water-based foundations for the effective application.
  • It is vital to know how to apply the layer of foundation. Instead of using both your hands and rubbing it across, tap and place it on the skin with only two fingers or a brush.
  • Understand the difference between the concealers and correctors. The latter is used to correct the misbalance of skin tone whereas the concealers help to conceal the foundation as well as the corrector to engender an even skin tone.
  • Pick any fine mineral-based powder to set up the entire makeup base so as to avoid the cakey look. It’s the natural makeup look that dominates the fashion market nowadays.
  • Don’t go overboard while putting the matching eye-shadow, lip color and nail paint with your outfits. It makes your look one-dimensional and doesn’t give an appealing look. If you’re planning to wear the pink colored outfit with gold work, make your eyes smokey in brown gold color with only lip color matching the attire.
  • Don’t make a heavy punched in the face (that is kind of smokey eyes). Blend all the layers well into the skin.
  • Pick the blush that is nearest to your skin tone. If you’re fair and medium skin color, try your hands on peaches and rosy pink. On the other side, if you’ve dusky or deeper skin tone, try brown, red and nude colored blushes.
  • Don’t forget to use the same color liner over the lips following with a lipstick. For a long stay and even out lips, it is a must.
  • The waterproof mascara looks splendid, but not every time. The water-resistant formula is good but if we use it longer it dries out the lashes causing is to break easily. So don’t use it on regular terms.

So, keep this guide handy while you put your makeup.

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