What are the secrets I’ve learned at Makeup Artist School?


What are the secrets I’ve learned at Makeup Artist School?


Today I am going to share some of the secrets or tips I’ve learned at my makeup school. Initially when I’ve enrolled the course, my connection with makeup was on and off. Some days I enjoy my play with strokes and colors. I get excited when my smokey eye turns out precisely.

But there are the (few) days when my eyeliner denies going on clear and straight, lashes refuse to curl, bronzer makes me look foolish!

Then one fine day, my editor helped with few tips to wearing flawless makeup without the hassle. So, here are those lessons (from which you can actually reap benefits) of my makeup education.

Great Tools Lead To Great Actions:

Yes, investing in the right tools leads to amazing results. I’ve realized that expensive brushes are worth every cost. If professional makeup is what you’re eyeing on, definitely go for it. The makeup tools are equally important as the beau idéal of the makeup skills. The application of the products is better when done with high-quality brushes which are designed specifically to meet the purpose.

Blending Primer With Foundation:

Yes, to make your (cream) foundation look more translucent, add it with some primer and apply to get fuller and smooth coverage. It expels the chances of being (looked) caked on.  Plus, it gives a long-lasting durability which cream foundation has over powders or liquid ones.

The Magic of Conceal/Color Corrector:

The imperative point to be a successful makeup artist is being capable of identifying someone’s undertones and understands how to manipulate the color wheel to obviate the unwanted color. Conceal your zit, blemishes, redness, and bluish under eye bags with a right color corrector. The opposite colors cancel each other such as green concealer covers redness and orange concealer combats blue.

Contour Your Face:

Highlighting and shading define the art of contouring. Remember, if you use a product lighter than your skin tone, it will make that area look more particular, and the product darker will make it look regress.

Pop your Eyes:

If you want to add definition to your eyes, add a bronzer through of the eye to the mid-way between a lashline and an eyebrow. To stretch your eye-width, apply black eyeliner to exterior half of both your upper and lower lashlines.  Also, if you have small eyes, use beige-colored eyeliner to a lower-inner rim of your eyes.


Wrapping it up, follow these simple tricks to master the art of makeup and share your experiences with us!

Till then, goodbye!!

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