What is a complete Makeup Guide Application technique?


What is a complete Makeup Guide Application technique?

Makeup application is often termed as a subjective process what includes techniques and methods. We generally resort to a Pinterest board, YouTube channels or some other way to learn the art and science of makeup. Though we’re experts on working for our own face, there are some general rules of thumb which must be followed while applying the basic makeup.

In view to steer you on the right path, we’ve compiled a guide on ultimate makeup techniques.


You can have the dream glow all throughout the year with a right technique and right set of products. Always pick a safe bet with a light, illuminating and subtle bronzer that will prep up your skin and enlightens your facial features in the desired tone. Put it across your cheekbones, forehead, nose edges, and under the lips.


Illuminating and shimmery products are making rounds all across the fashion circuit already. In no time, these products turned out to be must-haves for the looks gracing the runways, high-end shoots, red carpet, and many more fashion stations. You can’t achieve that dewy-skin trend without it. So, whether you’re planning to go for a full-strobing or a subtle shine, grab good highlighters to do the job. It can be applied in a jiffy to upper cheekbones, brow bone, and Cupid’s bow. It’ll endow your face with a good natural contour minus the use of hassle and dozen products.


If you’re turning to concealer in covering up the skin breakouts or under-eye dark circles, you’re missing out on something crucial. When it is used to the full potential, concealer plays a role in transformative product which actually enhances, accentuates and composes your natural facial structure and features. Comprehend your makeup experience while following such significant techniques and get set to relish concealer-change life!


It is one product we simply can’t do without! Blush is a powerful tool that can transform a dull or tired looking face into a refreshed and healthy one. And when we’ve such romantic weather around, rosy cheeks are important!


The contouring rage is going strong past two years now and picking up the pace with every new tutorial. You can go to an extreme, dramatic, and modest contour makeup, as per your preference and face structure. But make sure to use matte contouring products. Say no to shimmers please!

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